Attorney Referrals

Lawyer Referral Information

The Higgins Firm regularly accepts or assists other lawyers with complex injury, wrongful death cases and civil litigation. In accordance with the Rule of TN Professional Conduct, our office pays referral fees to other law firms that associate or refer us cases that is outside there normal area of practice. Unlike many firms, The Higgins Firm has the resources, experience,and support staff that is necessary to effectively pursue a catastrophic injury cases. We understand the work that is necessary to achieve the best possible results for our client and the lawyers that entrusted our firm with their cases. As a result of our dedication we have developed many long term relationships with law firms across the nation that routinely send our office cases.

Some typical relationships that have benefited both our firm and the referring law firm:

  • Attorneys that don't focus their practice on serious personal injury or contingent fee legal work.
  • Attorneys that don't have the time, experience, resources or spare capitol to handle catastrophic or complex injury cases
  • Attorneys that do not practice in the state of Tennessee.
  • Attorneys that need a local familiarity with the Rules, Local Defense Counsel, Judiciary, and technicalities of practicing in Tennessee Courts.

Attorneys at The Higgins Firm have litigated cases throughout then nation. We have lawyers licensed to practice in Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and Texas. Our legal practice is primarily focused on serious injury and employment rights litigation. However, to ensure that all cases are handled properly we have attorneys in specific legal focus groups that concentrate their practice in limited legal areas. For example, we have a medical malpractice group, serious personal injury group, work comp group and an employment law group. The lead on every case will be taken by an attorney that practices in the specific legal arena that applies to a particular matter. However, each legal group is available to help and assist with all aspects of any case.

Referral Fees

The Higgins Firm pays competitive attorney referral fees for most all serious personal injury cases. The referral fee can be adjusted up or down depending on the liability, damages and estimated costs of a specific case. We are open to discussing any reasonable proposal for lawyers that would like to put our resources and experience to work for their clients.

Tracking Referrals

Like any multi-lawyer firm we handle hundreds of cases every year. As such, to ensure we recognize any referral arrangement we have a centralized case management system that tracks the terms of the agreement and the source of every referral. This helps us ensure that once a case is resolved the referral attorney fee can be disbursed to the correct referring lawyer per the agreement. This system also allows us to keep the referring lawyer up to date on the progress of any case.

Communicating with our clients

We have discovered that in many cases the referring lawyer wants to continue to have direct involvement in the case and be involved with any communications with the client. We appreciate this interaction and do all we can to ensure a good relationship is maintained between everyone that is involved in the case. We also have discovered that most clients understand that litigation can be a complicated and long process but merely want to be updated as to the progress of the case moves. In other words, they just want to know what is happening. As such, we have an office wide policy of keeping all clients in the loop. Accordingly, if you refer our firm a case you should not receive a call from your client saying they do not know what is going on in their case. Communication is not a problem with our Tennessee Litigation Teams.

We hope you will consider The Higgins Firm to assist with your Tennessee Legal needs.